Naturopath Teneille Newton shares her 5 tips for a healthy trip

There’s no greater feeling than travelling to a new city or country. The excitement, anticipation and joy of discovering a new town, new people and new food. There’s so much to see and do – so many places to go – so there’s no time to get bogged down on the toilet with a dodgy tummy. Many adventurers experience traveller’s diarrhoea, naturopath Teneille Newton shares tips on how not to.

1. Don’t touch a drop

While water is the source of life, when travelling, water could be the source of the end of your holiday. Tap water in regions such as southeast Asia, South America and Africa may contain bacteria that can have you running for the loo, and staying there for the rest of your trip. Avoid tap water at all costs, even while brushing your teeth. It may seem annoying to have to buy water every time, but you’ll save yourself from illness which is a big payoff. Also avoid ice in your drinks, salad that may have been washed in tap water, and fruit you cannot peel. Water safety is paramount to a happy and healthy holiday.

2. Avoid runny for your tummy

Eggs – a versatile food that can be fried, poached, boiled, scrambled – you name it! While you might be a fan of a runny yolk at home, do not try this on holiday! Eggs are a product of chickens and may contain salmonella. Improperly cooked eggs may result in an improperly fun holiday – stick to well done.

3. Wash and go

The humble sink and soap are your best friends on your overseas adventure. When travelling to a new country you are exposed to thousands of new bacteria and viruses. Riding the crowded train and squeezing into packed buses with locals is an exciting adventure, and shouldn’t be missed! Always wash your hands before meals or to protect yourself against bacteria that may make you ill.

4. Slip, slop, slap and wrap!

You may think holidays are all about getting a tan but, after experiencing the true wrath of the sun and spend the rest of your trip soaking in aloe vera, your mindset may change. Sunburn is serious, and can result in dehydration, sunstroke, and a lot of pain. Protect yourself with a barrier sunscreen containing zinc, a hat, sleeves and sunglasses. There’s nothing healthy about a tan, and there’s nothing good about a ruined holiday that could have been avoided.

5. Protect yourself

While on your trip you’ll be trying amazing new foods with flavours your tastebuds have never experienced before – and same goes for your stomach. New foods with rich ingredients may not be welcomed by your digestive system and you may experience some diarrhoea. Supplements containing probiotics and vitamin A may help to reduce the occurrence of traveller’s diarrhoea and support the gut in providing a barrier to infection.

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