Meet the Lactobacillus Genus

Lactobacillus acidophilus, used to make yoghurt and fermented foods is one of many beneficial bacteria belonging to the Lactobacillus genus.

This group contains Gram-positive, rod-shaped, non-spore-forming bacteria. As lactic acid bacteria, a key feature is their ability to ferment carbohydrates in the gut and produce lactic acid as a metabolic end-product of digestion. Lactobacilli are one of the most important bacterial types for human nutrition, used to ferment foods and as probiotics.1

There is increasing evidence that consuming probiotics confers a range of benefits, supporting general health and wellbeing, as well as gastrointestinal and immune system health.

Probiotics containing Lactobacilli will commonly include other bacterial types including Bifidobacteria. Research with individuals taking a probiotic combination of Lactobacillus helveticus R0052 and Bifidobacterium longum R0175 (3 billion CFU/day for 3 weeks) has indicated the possible improvement with stress-induced gastrointestinal symptoms.2

Discuss with your practitioner if probiotics may be of benefit to you. 

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